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Infectious Disease

Policy statements listed by date of approval.

98-04: Policy Statement Regarding the Role of Public Health in the Management of Infectious Disease in Correctional Facilities

04-11: Policy Statement on Strengthening Local Health Department Epidemiology and Surveillance Capacity

07-01: Improving Collaboration between CDC and Local Health Departments in Infectious Disease Prevention and Control

07-02: Screening, Follow-Up, and Reimbursement for Immigrants, Refugees, and Asylees with Communicable Diseases of Public Health Significance

07-03: Federal Funding for Tuberculosis Prevention and Control

07-11: Enhancing the Capacity of Local Health Departments to Monitor, Prevent,
and Control Emerging Multi-Drug Resistant Organisms

08-03: Improving Notifiable Disease Reporting

09-04: Tuberculosis Control and Elimination Research Priorities 

09-07: Protecting Student Health Through Access to School-based Data

10-02: Increasing Federal, State, and Local Partnership in Addressing Healthcare-Associated Infections

10-03: National Healthcare Safety Network

11-03 Hepatitis Virus Infection Prevention

11-05: Local Health Department Involvement in Meaningful Use Preparation

11-07: Paid Sick Leave Policies

12-09: Preservation of Antimicrobials for Medical Treatment of Animals

12-10: The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force and Recommendations for TB Treatment as Prevention

12-14: Influenza Vaccinations for Healthcare Employees

13-02: Competencies for Applied Epidemiologists in Governmental Public Health Agencies

13-08: National Notifiable Disease Surveillance System

13-11: Opposing Stigma and Discrimination against Persons with Communicable Diseases

14-05: Climate Change and Vector Borne Diseases

14-06: Diagnostic Testing for Enteric Diseases

14-07: Arthropod-Borne Virus ("Arbovirus") Surveillance, Prevention, and Control

15-07: Antimicrobial Stewardship and Antimicrobial Resistance