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NACCHO is blogging public health.

NACCHO Voice: The Word on Local Health Departments

NACCHO has launched a new blog for local health department leaders and staff, NACCHO Voice: The Word on Local Health Departments. The blog covers a wide range of topics, such as accreditation, emergency preparedness, and chronic disease prevention. Posts include tips and resources, stories from the field, and interviews with local public health experts. More »

ePublic Health Blog

This blog facilitates dialogue among local health department professionals interested in the public health informatics community. The blog is an informal venue for regular communications on the latest public health informatics news, resources, and promotions. This blog encourages creative discussions and development of new ideas within the community. More »

Preparedness Brief Blog

NACCHO's Preparedness Brief Blog explores preparedness issues through the lens of local public health and shares the latest news, articles, and upcoming opportunities in local public health preparedness. Posts feature NACCHO’s preparedness tools and resources, as well as recent developments in the national preparedness field. More »

Archived Blog: NACCHO's H1N1 Blog

The archived H1N1 blog provides information on the 2009-2010 H1N1 influenza outbreak. It was a platform for local health departments to share their stories from the field in working with H1N1. More »