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Benefits of Membership

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The National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) represents 2, 800 local health departments in the United States. Active membership comprises approximately 1,500 LHDs, which includes over 13,000 public health professionals that collectively serve almost three-quarters of the U.S. population. Membership covers senior health officials and staff.

capitol-hill-buildingNACCHO members are informed of emerging issues and empowered to participate in public health advocacy through the following: Electronic Action Alerts on key public health issues; "Notes from Washington," a column published in each issue of Public Health Dispatch and available in the members'' corner of our website; Online Legislative Action Center; and Press release templates and policy fact sheets, providing talking points for interacting with reporters.
Special Savings
  • Discount on subscriptions to the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice. Call 800-638-3030 today to begin your bimonthly subscription to the JPHMP.
  • Discount on ReadyTalk audio, Web conferencing, and webinar services. Call 303-209-1553 for more information on your customized and discounted pricing.
  • Reduced conference and exhibition fees for NACCHO Annual.
  • Free or reduced advertising rates in NACCHO publications.
Newsletters and Periodicals
NACCHO Exchange, a quarterly journal highlighting effective, proven local public health practices. Free and discounted NACCHO publications and assessment tools. Public Health Dispatch, a monthly newsletter offering tools and resources directly relevant to local public health practice. Up-to-date information on pressing public health issues and federal legislation.
Professional Development Resources
NACCHO develops tools, publications, and training programs with strong member involvement, ensuring a practice-relevant approach. Members have access to the following tools and many more at substantial savings—in many cases, free of charge. Toolbox: A free, online collection of local public health tools produced by members of the public health community. Model Practice Database: An online, searchable collection of innovative best practices across public health areas. Model Practices help LHDs to benefit from colleagues'' experiences, learn what works, get strategies on how to re-implement effective programs with good results, and save time and resources. Access to public health infrastructure publications and resources that enable LHDs to perform their core functions and essential services. Achieving Healthier Communities through MAPP: A User''s Handbook: Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships (MAPP) assists LHDs with a community-wide strategic planning process for improving community health. Worksheets and tips from current MAPP users are included. Training and workshop opportunities.
Recognition Programs
  • Eligibility for NACCHO Model Practices Awards: NACCHO''s Model Practice Program honors and recognizes outstanding local health practices from across the nation and shares and promotes these practices among LHDs.
Networking and Engagement Opportunities
  • NACCHO Annual Conference: Over 1,000 health officials and top decision-makers in the field of public health attend NACCHO''s Annual, which provides a fertile ground for education, discussion, and networking. 
  • Peer Assistance Network (PAN): A free, online service for public health practitioners, PAN provides opportunities for referral services, formal advising relationships, and technical assistance.
  • Protocol for Assessing Community Excellence in Environmental Health (PACE EH): PACE EH provides a venue for the exchange of advice and support among peers involved in a community-based environmental health assessment process.
Leadership and Volunteer Opportunities
  • The right to vote, hold office, and represent NACCHO in an official capacity.
  • Eligibility to serve on national advisory committees.
  • Opportunity to submit articles for inclusion in NACCHO Exchange or Public Health Dispatch.
  • Speaking opportunities at NACCHO''s Annual Conference. Eligibility for NACCHO awards and funding.
  • Linkages to federal partners.
Additional Member Benefits
  • The opportunity to receive grants from NACCHO to assist in emergency preparedness, food safety, HIV/AIDS prevention, and other programmatic work taking place at the local level.
  • The chance to be awarded a mini-grant associated with one of NACCHO's training programs (typically $500–$25,000) to help put new skills and knowledge to use.
  • Eligibility for reduced registration fees and scholarships to attend NACCHO's Annual, frequently cited as one of the most valuable opportunities for local public health professionals to come together and discuss the critical issues of the moment.
  • Up to 50 percent off all NACCHO publications (in many cases, publications are free to NACCHO members).

NACCHO supports efforts that protect and improve the health of all people and all communities by promoting national policy, developing resources and programs, seeking health equity, and supporting effective local public health practice and systems.