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Our Members

Nearly every community in the United States is served by a local health department (LHD). NACCHO is the only organization dedicated to serving every LHD in the nation. Over 1,450 LHDs are members in addition to 10,000 individual active dues paying members.
Changing Lives, Impacting Communities

LHDs are the local stewards of public health. Known for helping to ensure the safety of the water we drink, the food we eat, and the air we breathe—LHDs develop and advance policies and promote conditions that make good health the default option. In addition, LHDs perform the following functions:

  • Help create and maintain conditions in communities that support healthier choices in areas such as diet, exercise, and tobacco control;
  • Lead efforts that prevent and reduce the effects of chronic disease such as diabetes and cancer;
  • Detect and stop epidemics of disease like the measles, tuberculosis, and foodborne illness; and
  • Protect and improve the health of their communities through evidence-based services and activities.
NACCHO membership empower LHDs and their staff do their jobs more effectively by making information, practical field-tested tools, and innovative model practices easily accessible.

Not sure if you’re a member? Call NACCHO at 877-533-1320 or e-mail to find out. To join, download a membership application and mail to the address on the form or fax it with your payment to 202-783-1583.