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Members Speak

There's Value in Belonging

See what your colleagues are saying about NACCHO Membership. Not sure if you are a member? Contact us at 877-533-1320 or e-mail to find out.

Members Speak

Woman Shouting“The NACCHO Toolbox on the website is very useful. I recently received Project Public Health Ready recognition—found the process intense and detailed but worth the effort for a quality program.” --John Alden, Yuma County Health Department, Arizona

“The work of NACCHO to connect local public health people to teach, learn from, and support each other is incredibly important.” --Susan Allan, Northwest Center for Public Health Practice, Washington

“NACCHO offers a national association that speaks for us to the national policymakers. They also directly support us in creating tools that save us enormous time and expenses.” --Richard Day, Person County Health Department, North Carolina

“Tulsa City County Health Department is heavily involved with NACCHO. Having a director who is a past president allowed the organization to strengthen our involvement. This year, we have more of our management team association directors and directors attending. It is an opportunity to meet others from across the United States who fill similar roles.” --Brenda Dale Tulsa City County Health Department Oklahoma

“Our local health department is PPHR-recognized by NACCHO. Such programs have enabled us to greatly improve our emergency preparedness efforts and helped us a lot during the H1N1 campaign.”--Junie Delizo, Rockland County Department of Health, New York

“NACCHO represents the best interests of local public health departments even when those interests may not necessarily be supported by state and federal agencies.”--Paul Erwin, University of Tennessee Center for Public Health, Tennessee

“NACCHO has been key to assisting healthcare administrators with practical application of health policy. The opportunity to create best practices that really make a difference has been valuable.”--Merle Green, Guilford County Department of Public Health, North Carolina

“I would highly recommend NACCHO membership to colleagues. With being relatively new in the field it has provided me with resources, information, and great networking experience.”--Benjamin Jones, Waukesha County Public Health Division, Wisconsin

“NACCHO’s publications and educational resources are comprehensive and excellent. Particularly for a new local health official. The organization offers wonderful resources for networking, planning, and program improvement.”--John Kennedy, District 3, Unit 1: Cobb-Douglas Health District, Georgia

“NACCHO is a great resource for public health information and tools that can be used at the local level. NACCHO staff are attentive to the needs of LHDs. I’ve especially benefitted from all the MAPP resources and support.”--Louise Kent, Northern Kentucky Independent District Health Department, Kentucky

“The SACCHOs are a very important part of NACCHO. As the numbers have increased over the last few years, NACCHO has helped strengthen the advocacy for LHDs with accreditation of LHDs at the forefront. It is important that NACCHO stay involved with assisting PHAB, particularly in working with SACCHOs in the accreditation process. It’s a win for SACCHOs, NACCHO, PHAB, and local health departments to be involved in the accreditation process.” --Lee Lane, Texas Association of Local Health Officials, Texas

“NACCHO provides guidance that pertains to local issues. NACCHO’s website provides best practices and other information that we actually put into practice. NACCHO stays on the cutting edge and determines what local health departments can do to meet the new issue. Individuals who are interested in becoming the best health department will see NACCHO as a valuable asset.” --Kathy Lordo, Hamilton County General Health District, Ohio

“NACCHO provides excellent communication through online correspondence and newsletters. The educational sessions at the annual meeting are worthwhile. Our department also participated in NACCHO committees.” --Cindy Trail, Central District Health Department (Region 4), Idaho 

“NACCHO has provided our health department with valuable tools and resources that are otherwise lacking in rural Southeast Ohio. NACCHO has provided networking opportunities and training that have advanced my career and expanded my vision of public health. Thank you.” --Jeremy Phillips, Athens County Health Department, Ohio

“Being a member of NACCHO has given me the opportunity to meet new colleagues around the country and keep up with others I have known for years. The connections have facilitated interviews and candidates for position vacancies in my department.” --Cathy Raevsky, Kent County Health Department, Michigan

“I’m a doctoral student in urban higher education at Jackson State University, and NACCHO has provided me access to the wonderful 2008 Profile data, which my dissertation is based on.” --Gregory Smothers, Jackson State University, Georgia

“NACCHO provides assistance in staying current with national health policy impacting public health. I enjoy the opportunities to connect with public health professionals from all over the United States to learn innovative ideas and best practice. The annual conference offers excellent opportunity to develop skills in all area of public health practice. Pre-conference workshops are also excellent.” --Lisa Stefanovsky, Ottawa County Health Department, Michigan

“As a new member of NACCHO, I feel that education makes for better board members. I am hoping for a good learning experience and better management of our health systems.” --Charles Steinkuekler, Custer District Health Unit, North Dakota

“NACCHO offers the opportunity for local health departments to share experiences and learn from one another. Also, with the addition of the research track this year, the annual conference provides and opportunity for NACCHO members to discuss the research needs, learn about cutting-edge research projects with practical application, and network with potential academic partners.” --Patricia Sweeney, University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“I had been a health officer for a few months when I attended my first NACCHO conference and what an eye-opener that was. It introduced me to the group of individuals who would become my ‘professional family.’ The staff is great, but the key thing that NACCHO offers is that it is all about the work done by local public health.” --Barbara Worgess, Coconino County Public Health Services District, Arizona

“Winning the Model Practice Award has simply allowed for validation of our efforts. There is now a level of credibility to the program when we work with our partners. Stating that the program is a best practice and have that actually mean something is very rewarding and adds extreme value.” --Keith Olenslager, Orange County Health Care Agency/Public Health, California

“We feel that the exposure we received through our local media has been very positive and demonstrates to the public our commitment to performing our public health activities and programs to standards and has raised our credibility with the community.” Nola Matrz, Lafayette County Health Department, Missouri