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King County (WA) 2007 Climate Plan


This 2007 King County Climate Plan is the initial response to the Executive Orders on Global Warming Preparedness of March 2006 and King County Council Motion 12362 of October 2006. It provides an overview of how King County seeks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and works to anticipate and adapt to projected climate change impacts, based on best available science. It builds on over 15 years of efforts across King County departments to stop the causes of climate change and to prepare for regional climate change impacts. Most of all the King County Climate Plan is a forward-looking, ambitious and optimistic workplan based on the conviction that climate change is both a problem and an opportunity for leadership, public health improvements, and economic prosperity. Goals and actions are provided for both arenas of mitigation and adaptation. These goals and actions give us reason for optimism. We not only issue a bold goal for our region—climate stabilization, or 80% reduction of greenhouse gas emission below today’s levels by 2050—but we also detail the critical first and near-term steps to reach that goal.


Climate Change Toolkit

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Adaptation, All-Hazards, Climate, Environmental Health, Mitigation, Natural Disaster, Vulnerable Populations


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King County (WA)





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By Raymond Roe
Plan demonstrates a sincere willingness to address climate change by a government entity. Information is still pertinent to use today in other communities.