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Georgetown Climate Center Adaptation Clearinghouse


The Georgetown Climate Center Adaptation Clearinghouse seeks to assist policymakers, resource managers, academics, and others who are working to help communities adapt to climate change. The clearinghouse allows users to find resources based on resource type, sector, or impact.

Resource types for the clearinghouse include:

• Adaptation Plan/Strategy 
• Agency Guidance 
• Assessment - Economic 
• Assessment - Impact 
• Assessment - Risk 
• Assessment - Vulnerability 
• Assessment Guidance 
• Best Management Practice 
• Case Study 
• Climate Science 
• Communication 
• Decision Making/Support
• Education/Training
• Modeling Tools
• Mapping Tools

Additionally, resources can be selected for specific impacts, including but not limited to:

• Air Quality 
• Community Stability 
• Drought 
• Extreme Weather Events 
• Flooding 
• Food Security 
• Heat Waves 
• Human Disease 
• Infrastructure Degradation/Destruction 
• Ocean/Sea Acidification 
• Pests 
• Precipitation 
• Saltwater Intrusion 
• Sea-Level Rise 
• Seasonal/Biological Timing 
• Storm Surges 
• Water Quality 
• Water Supply 
• Wildfires 


Climate Change Toolkit

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Georgetown Climate Center Adaptation Clearinghouse





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Five most recent user comments

5 Stars of 5 - Extremely Useful
Rating March 2014
By Kathleen Karle
Not so much a single tool as a comprehensive web site with case studies, documents, modeling and mapping applications on everything from air quality to wild fires. I gave it a high rating due to the extensive amount of material on the site but it would take a long time to review each document and to navigate on the site.