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Bike/Ped Level of Service Measures and Calculators


Bicycle Level of Service (BLOS) is a nationally-used measure of on-road bicyclist comfort level as a function of a roadway’s geometry and traffic conditions. Developed by Sprinkle Consulting, BLOS is in the Highway Capacity Manual. Roadways with a better (lower) score are more attractive (and usually safer) for cyclists. Also, the Pedestrian Level Of Service (PLOS) measures walking conditions.

BLOS evaluation may be useful in several ways:

  • A bicycle map can be produced for the public to assist them in route selection.
  • The most appropriate routes for inclusion in the community bicycle network can be identified.
  • “Weak links” in the network can be determined, and sites needing improvement can be prioritized.
  • Alternate treatments for improving bike-friendliness of a roadway can be evaluated.
  • Road project selection formulas can include a BLOS or BCI term to encourage implementation of bike planning goals.


Healthy Community Design Toolkit

Keyword Area:

Community Design, Physical Activity, Planning, Policies, Traffic Safety, Transportation Planning


Institutional Author:

League of Illinois Bicyclists




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