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Potential Funding Opportunities


Local Health Departments may contact the following resources to inquire about funding opportunities for Hepatitis B Virus vaccine:

1. Your State Immunization Program Manager. Find your state contact here:


2. Your Local Vaccine Manufacturer (the following information is courtesy of the Immunization Action Coalition)

Research Triangle Park, NC 27709
Phone/order: 866-475-8222 or 888-825-5249

Products: DTaP (Infanrix); DTaP+IPV (Kinrix); DTaP+Hepatitis B+IPV (Pediarix); Hepatitis A (Havrix); Hepatitis B (Engerix-B); Hepatitis A+Hepatitis B (Twinrix); Hib (Hiberix); HPV (Cervarix); Influenza (Fluarix and FluLaval); Rotavirus (Rotarix); Tdap (Boostrix)

Alternate Suppliers for GSK Vaccines:

Questions? Contact the Vaccines Service Center.

Call: 1-866-GSK-VACC

Hours of Operation
Monday–Friday 8:00 AM–7:00 PM EST/EDT



Merck & Co., Inc.
One Merck Drive
P.O. Box 100
Whitehouse Station, NJ 08889
Phone/order: 800-637-2579 or 908-423-1000

Products: Hib (PedvaxHIB); Hib+Hepatitis B (Comvax); Hepatitis A (VAQTA); Hepatitis B (Recombivax-HB); HPV (Gardasil); Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (M-M-R II); MMR+Varicella (ProQuad); Pneumococcal-PPV23 (Pneumovax 23); Rotavirus (RotaTeq); Varicella (Varivax); Zoster (Zostavax)

Adult Vaccine Locator: