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Infectious Disease Prevention and Control (IDPC) Workgroup


The Infectious Disease Prevention and Control (IDPC) workgroup is one of several advisory groups at NACCHO comprised of staff from local health departments across the country. The IDPC workgroup provides local visibility and input to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other national partners to help ensure that IDPC-related priorities, policies, funding, and initiatives with the potential to impact local health departments are responsive to local health department needs. The IDPC workgroup provides valuable programmatic and policy guidance to NACCHO.

The IDPC workgroup has monthly conference calls to discuss a wide range of issues related to infectious diseases. If you would like to submit a topic or issue for discussion on a future IDPC workgroup monthly call, please e-mail


The vision of the IDPC workgroup is to help all public health partners recognize, value, and incorporate the critical role of local public health in creating a world free of suffering, disability and death due to infectious diseases.


The mission of the IDPC workgroup is to proactively promote the critical role of local public health to prevent and control infectious diseases through expert advice and policy recommendations, including:

  • Provide expert advice and policy recommendations on infectious disease prevention and control to the NACCHO Board.
  • Initiate and disseminate policy recommendations and best practices on infectious disease prevention and control to NACCHO members, workgroups, and other federal, state, and local partners.
  • Work in collaboration with Pandemic Influenza, Immunization, Food Safety, HIV/STI Prevention, Public Health Informatics, Epidemiology, and Accreditation and Quality Improvement workgroups.
  • Represent NACCHO, as requested by the NACCHO Board or the NACCHO national office on behalf of local health departments, on infectious disease related issues to NACCHO partners, legislatures, media, and the public.
  • Provide the perspective of local health departments to national and state infectious disease prevention and control programs.
  • Assist in mobilizing funding for infectious disease prevention and control activities in local health departments.

2014-2015 IDPC Workgroup Members

  • Brenden Bedard, MPH - Genesee County Health Department (NY)
  • Janet Briscoe - Kanawha-Charleston Health Department (WV) 
  • Kimberly Brunette, MPH - Arlington Health District (VA)
  • Diana Gaviria, MD, MPH - Berkeley County Health Department (WV)
  • Mark Hodge - Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services (MD)
  • Nicolette Janoski, MPH, CEM - Tarrant County Public Health Department (TX)
  • Faisal Khan, MD - St. Louis County Department of Health (MO)
  • Robert Kim-Farley, MD, MPH - Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (CA)
  • Jacqueline Lawler, MPH, CPH - Orange County Health Department (NY)
  • Kevin McKay, MPH - Rockland County Health Department (NY)
  • Richard L. Vogt, MD - Tri-County Health Department (CO)
  • Matthew Zahn, MD - Orange County Health Care Agency/Public Health (CA)