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How to Use the Billing Toolkit

Where to Start

NACCHO's Billing for Clinical Services Toolkit was designed to help make navigating the billing process easier for local health departments. In this toolkit you can find resources, guides, and templates on all aspects of billing.

You can view a general and brief video on to use NACCHO's toolkits.

Toolkit Structure

Below is the structure of the toolkit based on the order of the billing process.

(01)     Definitions, FAQS & Glossary

(02)     Getting Started

(03)     Laws and Regulations

(04)     Workforce Development

(05)     Clearinghouses

(06)     EHR/EMR

(07)     Medicaid/Medicare

(08)     Private Insurers

(09)     Credentialing

(10)     Contracting

(11)     Financial/Fee Policies

(12)     Patient Intake

(13)     Coding

(14)     Coding Quality Assurance

(15)     Claim Submission

(16)     Billing Remittance Advice

(17)     State Billing Guides

(18)     Immunization Tools

(19)     HIV Tools

(20)     STI Tools

(21)     TB Tools

(22)     Other Clinical Services


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