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Core Competencies

Core Competencies


NACCHO partnered with the MRC program to facilitate the development of standards for MRC volunteers. With a set of core competencies adopted nationwide, MRC units will be better equipped to recruit and train volunteers for disaster response.

A new Core Competencies Matrix, developed in partnership with the MRC, NACCHO, and a stakeholder work group, aims to translate the MRC Core Competencies into practical and measurable knowledge, skills, and attitudes.

In addition, the Matrix represents a suggested "menu " for the training and development of MRC members and units while allowing for the flexibility to tailor training opportunities to meet local needs.

Shortly after the release of the Core Competencies Matrix, a pilot site project was launched.  The project participants, eight local MRC units and one state, are currently working to either incorporate or adopt the Core Competencies Matrix as their training plan.  As the project progresses, the participants will provide constructive feedback and evaluate their experiences.

All units are encouraged to utilize the Core Competencies Matrix as the basis of their training program in order to provide a baseline level of knowledge and skills for volunteers nationwide.

The Core Competencies Matrix is available for download in both PDF and Word. Click on the preferred version to download.

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