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Environmental Health


icon_ehEnvironmental health is defined as "the discipline that focuses on the health interrelationships between people and their environment, promotes human health and well-being, and fosters a safe and healthful environment."

In the Spotlight
26256607 people working together

Through support from the FDA, NACCHO is currently accepting applications for the 2014-15 Retail Program Standards Mentorship Program. The mentorship program connects local health departments (LHDs) with peers in order to learn, share experiences, and acquire tools and resources related to the FDA Voluntary National Retail Food Regulatory Standards (Retail Program Standards). The mentorship program – which features tracks for both mentors and mentees – matches LHD practitioners experienced in applying the Retail Program Standards with LHDs newly or currently enrolled in the program who are looking for assistance, guidance, tools and resources, and recommendations. The program is in its fourth year.

The anticipated amount awarded will range from up to $10,000 per selected mentee LHD and $8,000–18,000 per selected mentor LHD depending on the number of mentees that will be taken on by the mentor. 

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New CDC Resource

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) launched the nation’s first voluntary guidelines based on science and best practices for improving health and safety at swimming pools and other aquatic venues: The Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC) 1st Edition. States and localities can use the MAHC to create or update existing pool codes to reduce risk for outbreaks, drowning, and pool-chemical injuries.

The MAHC 1st Edition is a product of seven years of work, involving a steering committee, 12 technical committees, 140 people, and input and consensus from public health, aquatics, and academia. Click on more for additional information. More »

Health Analytics Conference

ESRI is hosting a health analytics conference in Colorado Springs from November 3-4, 2014. The conference has been reengineered to address the needs of users and those who are simply interested in GIS. At every level from novice to the most advanced analyst, the conference has presentations and technical workshops for all. The conference will showcase modernizing applications for community health, hospital administration, human services, and geomedicine. The agenda includes:

  • More than 20 breakout sessions and technical workshops,
  • 2 plenary sessions highlighting experts, and
  • Nearly 15 hours of detailed training exercises. 
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Environmental Health Model and Promising Practices Feature
Salt Lake Valley Health Department's Restaurant Inspection Website Tool for Reducing Critical Violations
Salt Lake Valley Health Department (SLVHD) won a NACCHO Model Practices Award in 2013 for its restaurant inspection website. The website provides the general public with access to the county’s restaurant inspection data and aims to reduce critical violations and protect public health. The website contains a multi-field search engine in which a user can check a restaurant’s inspection score and rating and view each violation found by inspectors, the public health rationale for each violation, the actual food code verbiage for each violation, and whether or not each violation was corrected More »