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Documentation Selection Tools


documentationNACCHO's Documentation Selection Tools are designed to facilitate the process of accreditation preparation in local health departments. There are several tools available that highlight connections between measures that appear across different PHAB domains, simplify the preparation of major documents required by PHAB, and drive efficiencies in assigning and organizing the documentation collection process.


It is recommended that these tools be used in conjunction with PHAB’s tools and resources.  

Although the Documentation Selection Tools largely used language verbatim from PHAB’s Standards and Measures Version 1.0, PHAB’s documents must be considered the official resources for all PHAB procedures and requirements.  

Some measures require more than one piece of documentation – always consult the Standards and Measures before submitting documentation.

Selecting Programmatic Documentation
This tool was developed to help Accreditation Teams understand the documentation requirements from their different program areas.This tool includes a chart that lists measures and accompanying guidance that require documentation from health department program areas. This can be used to guide discussions with program staff regarding documentation assignments.
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Programmatic Documentation Matrix
PHAB requires that programmatic documentation reflects the breadth and depth of the services available at a local health department. This tool includes a chart that lists the program-related measures and health department program areas.This is intended to track the amount of documentation coming from different program areas and thus help ensure that a wide range of programs are represented. NOTE: This tool is made available in .DOC form so that health departments can edit the chart to include the names of all their programmatic services.
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PHAB Prerequisites
This tool includes charts that list the measures, required documentation, and notes on related measures for each of the PHAB pre-requisites (Community Health Assessment (CHA), Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP), and Strategic Plan). This tool also contains checklists for the requirements related to CHAs and CHIPs. More »
Workforce Requirements
This tool is a checklist of PHAB measures that specifically reference the public health workforce, including general human resource requirements, functions/responsibilities that must specifically be designated to a staff member, staff development and training requirements, and staff participation in a performance management system and quality improvement plan.

*Requirements regarding staff and emergency preparedness are not included in this tool, and instead can be found in the Project Public Health Ready Overlap tool. More »
Project Public Health Ready Overlap
This tool is a chart that describes how documentation required by NACCHO's Project Public Health Ready (PPHR) may be used to help demonstrate conformity with related PHAB measures:

PHAB S/M Version 1.0 Tool
PHAB S/M Version 1.5 Tool

Performance Management System
This tool is a checklist of the activities and documentation required to meet PHAB’s measures related to a performance management system. More »
Quality Improvement Plan
This tool is a checklist of the elements required for a QI plan and the evidence of the plan’s implementation required by PHAB. More »
Communications Requirements
This tool is a list of measures related to a health department’s communications activities (structural components and policies/procedures). More »
Miscellaneous Documentation
This tool is a list of miscellaneous topics with several references throughout the standards and measures, including diverse populations, governing entities, and public health laws. More »