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Accreditation & Quality Improvement Webinars

NACCHO’s Quality Improvement (QI) and Accreditation Preparation Webinar Series provides periodic webinars as part of NACCHO's continued commitment to QI and preparing local health departments (LHDs) for national accreditation. This webinar series is funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

NACCHO has compiled a flyer describing the webinars and an FAQ document which answers questions that come up frequently during this webinar series.

If you would like to hear about webinars ahead of time, sign up to receive accreditNATION, NACCHO's periodic e-newsletter focusing on accreditation and quality improvement.

All webinars are free to view. Some are available online and some will be e-mailed if requested.

Webinar Topic
Resources Mentioned in Webinar
3/25/2014 Workforce Development Planning: NACCHO/CDC Accreditation Support Initiative Webinar
This webinar featured three local health department speakers. Each speaker provided information on their process for developing their agency workforce development plans, including core competency assessment, plans for staff trainings, and more.

To watch the free archived recording, click here and download the slides, click here.

Missoula, MT Resources

NACCHO's Documentation Selection Tools - Workforce Development

Ohio Workforce Development Plan Template

2/25/14 Performance Management in Public Health: CDC/NACCHO ASI Webinar
This webinar featured two presenters: a performance management subject matter expert and a local health department representative. Participants learned strategies for developing and implementing performance management systems at their agencies, including  different self-assessment tools and processes, methods for establishing effective performance measures, how performance relates to other agency and community plans, and more. Participants also heard about one agency's efforts to implement a performance management system, and their process for monitoring and reporting.

Click here to watch the free archived recording. Download the webinar slides here.

NACCHO's ASI Webpage

NACCHO's QI Roadmap

2/24/14 Working in Teams: Accreditation Preparation Tips from Those Who Know
This webinar featured the story of one accredited local health department (LHD) and the insight of one PHAB site visitor. There were several options for setting up an accreditation team and for organizing the documentation selection process, and it's also important to consider when preparing for accreditation is what the PHAB site visitors expect before, during, and after the scheduled site visit. Download the slides here

Click here to watch the free archived recording. Download the webinar slides here. To see questions from the webinar, click here.

PHAB's National Health Department Accreditation Documentation Guidance

PHAB's Accreditation Coordinator Handbook

NACCHO's Electronic Training Modules for Local Governing Entities

NACCHO's resources for accreditation teams

9/26/13 Using NACCHO's Resources for Performance Improvement
This webinar provided an interactive demonstration of several resources from NACCHO staff. Additionally, staff of the New Orleans Health Department explained how they used several of the tools in their work. Participants not only learned how to find these helpful and FREE resources, but also heard how they have been practically used in the field. 

Click here to watch the free archived recording. Download the webinar slides here and the webinar resource list here. To see answers to questions from the webinar, click here.

NOHD CHA/CHIP & Strategic Plan

NOHD Performance Tracking 

NACCHO CHA/CHIP Resource Center

MAPP Clearinghouse

NACCHO's Roadmap to a Culture of Quality Improvement

6/26/13 Performance Management in Public Health: From Conceptualization to Implementation
Performance management is the use of data to continuously monitor and improve performance to ensure that agency processes and activities are achieving strategic goals. This webinar included an introduction to the concept and importance of performance management and featured the story of one health department's experience with developing a performance management system, using that system to evaluate the agency's activities, and connecting the system to quality improvement, strategic planning, and community health improvement.  

To watch the archived recording, click here. To download the slides, click here. To see answers to questions from the webinar, click here.
Turning Point Refresh

All Systems Go!

NACCHO's QI Roadmap

DC DOH Accreditation Videos

4/2/13 Performing Better Together: Improving through Peer Networking
This webinar focused on the value of peer-networking. Many opportunities to learn from peers are available to LHD staff as they conduct community health planning initiatives, prepare for accreditation, or work to develop a culture of quality improvement, including state groups, national communities, and regional networks.

To watch the archived recording, click here. To download the slides, click here. To see answers to the questions from the webinar, click here.
NACCHO Accreditation Coordinators Learning Community

MAPP Network

NNPHI's Community of Practice for Public Health Improvement


11/15/12 Accreditation Prerequisites: How to Conduct Processes that Yield a CHA, a CHIP, and a Strategic Plan
This 90-minute webinar, the 23rd in NACCHO''s Accreditation Preparation & Performance Improvement Series, explained the accreditation prerequisites and described the experiences of three local health departments as they worked to complete them. The webinar featured representatives from three of the NACCHO/CDC Accreditation Support Initiative demonstration sites, who were funded to improve their readiness for national accreditation. 

To watch the free archived recording, click here. To download the slides, click here. For answers to frequently asked questions, click here.

CHIP from Madison County Health Department (KY)

Strategic Planning Template based on strategic plan of Dutchess County Health Department (NY)

Accreditation Support Initiative sites and materials

8/29/12 Accreditation and Healthy People 2020

On this 90 minute webinar, presenters discussed the connections between local health department accreditation preparation and Healthy People 2020 (HP2020). 

The webinar provided an overview of HP2020 from CDC staff, and featured representatives from local health departments with experience preparing for PHAB accreditation and incorporating Healthy People 2020 activities into their work. Click here to download the slides, here to watch the free archived recording, and here for answers to questions.

WALHDAB resources and CHIP template tools

Healthy People 2020 Website

Study Circles Resources

Jelly Bean Diagram

5/24/12 Accreditation and Emergency Preparedness: Value, Overlap, and How To Do It
This 90-minute webinar discussed the connections between accreditation preparation and emergency preparedness activities in local health departments. The webinar featured representatives from two local health departments with experience preparing for Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) accreditation, gaining recognition thorough Project Public Health Ready (PPHR), and using the Public Health Emergency Preparedness Capabilities effectively to receive funding. 

Click here to view the free archived recording and here to download the slides. Answers to questions are available here.

AAR template from St. Johns County

Strategic Plan from St. Johns County

Accreditation Coordinator Handbook (PHAB)

5/16/12 Conducting a Local Health Department Strategic Planning Process
According to the Public Health Accreditation Board''s (PHAB''s) glossary, a strategic plan sets the direction for the organization and, through a common understanding of the mission, vision, goals, and objectives, provides a template for all employees and stakeholders to make decisions that move the organization forward. This webinar describes the process and provides a valuable overview of the PHAB requirements.

Click here to watch a free archived recording of the webinar, click here to download the slides, and find answers to questions here.

NACCHO Strategic Planning Guide
04/12/2012 Introduction to Building a Performance Management System

This webinar, featured during NACCHO''s Performance Improvement Technical Assistance Webinar Series, explains the basics of a performance management system from an LHD perspective.

Watch the free archived recording, read the notes, and download the slide presentation.

11/14/11 The Nuts & Bolts of Preparing for PHAB Accreditation: How to Do It and How NACCHO Can Help
This webinar featured representatives from three local health departments currently applying or preparing for PHAB accreditation. The health directors or accreditation coordinators from these agencies provided answers to some crucial questions for health departments to consider including how to engage staff, how to select an accreditation team, how to choose appropriate documentation, and more.

Watch the free archived recording of this webinar, view the slides, and read answers to the participants'' questions.

Local governing entity resources

Staff engagement resources

Prerequisite resources

Documentation resources

QI resources

7/7/11 What''s New with Accreditation? Part One
PHAB’s national voluntary accreditation program for state, local, territorial, and tribal health departments will launch this fall. Materials for the launch, including version 1.0 of the standards and measures, the fee schedule, and application instructions, are now available. Kaye Bender, president and CEO of PHAB, shares information about PHAB and these documents in this program.

Watch the free archived recording of this webinar, view the slides, and read answers to the webinar participants'' questions.

For resources referenced by PHAB, visit

NACCHO Resources:
Accreditation Coordinator Duties

Organizational Self Assessment Guide

Accreditation 101 Presentation for staff

Accreditation 101 Presentation for boards

5/26/11 Making the Best of a Bad Situation: One LHD''s Restructuring for Sustainability and Accreditation This webinar featured Paul Kuehnert, executive director of the Kane County Health Department in Illinois. Kuehnert used the PHAB draft standards for a local health department as a framework to guide the redesign and reorganization of his agency after a significant reduction in funding and workforce. Kuehnert described his strategy and the new organizational structure of his agency, which is set up around the ten essential services of public health and the PHAB standards.

E-mail for a free download of this webinar (a file will be e-mailed to you promptly), view the slides, and read answers to some of the popular questions.

KCHD QI Charter

KCHD Health Data and Quality Coordinator Job Description

5/5/11 The Road to Accreditation: Using QI to Achieve Standards
This 90-minute program featured the stories of two LHDs who have prepared for accreditation using QI processes. Keith Reed, administrative director of the Comanche County Health Department in Oklahoma, and Judy Mattingly, accreditation coordinator of the Franklin County Health Department in Kentucky, described their QI initiatives that resulted in improved community engagement in the community health assessment and improvement planning process and an improved internal repair request process, respectively.

E-mail for a free download of this webinar (a file will be e-mailed to you promptly), view the slides, and read answers to some of the popular questions.


FCHD Beta Test QI Project Story Board

CCHD Beta Test QI Project Story Board

From the Public Health Foundation:
Public Health Memory Jogger
2/16/11 Building a QI Culture at a Local Health Department
In this 90-minute webinar, the Sedgwick County Health Department, KS described its efforts to build a QI culture within the agency. The department''s health director, community health assessment director, and community health analyst explained their roles and provided insight into QI plans, challenges, and successes.

Watch the free archived recording of this webinar, view the slides, and read answers to some of the popular questions.


SCHD QI Policy

From the Public Health Foundation:
Developing a Health Department QI Plan

Sedgwick County Storyboards

11/02/10 The Cat''s Out of the Bag: PHAB Beta Test Sites Share their Stories In this 90-minute webinar, two health departments involved in PHAB''s beta test for national accreditation revealed information about the process for participants. Norton County, KS, a small local health department, and the Iowa Department of Public Health provided insight into PHAB''s assessment, site visits, and processes. The speakers gave tips to interested LHDs about organizing documentation, providing the right amount of information, and using quality improvement.

E-mail for a free download of this webinar (a file will be e-mailed to you promptly) and read answers to some of the popular questions.

The resources from this webinar are out of date because PHAB has released the Standards and Measures version 1.0.

View the Beta Test QI Efforts website


QI Presentations

Local health departments participating in Public Health Accreditation Board''s (PHAB) beta test worked with NACCHO to identify areas for improvement based on their PHAB self-assessment and implement QI processes.  The following webinars were presented to the 19 local beta test sites as technical assistance for their QI efforts:
  • From Better to Best: Finalizing Your Aim Statement
  • Measuring a Difference: Evaluation versus QI
  • Collecting and Using Data to Measure Improvement
  • Using storyboards to demonstrate your QI processes
  • Moving Beyond Plan: A Refresher on Do, Check, Act
  • Beta Test Closing Webinar: Elevator Speeches by the Beta Test Sites

E-mail for a free download of any webinars from this series. Files will be e-mailed to you promptly.

Beta Test QI Efforts

Storyboard template
05/25/10 ABCs of PDCA
During this 90-minute webinar, Jack Moran from the Public Health Foundation provides a foundation for QI efforts in LHDs. This presentation covers the importance of team building and communication plans in the context of QI and expands on each phase of the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle. 

E-mail for a free download of this webinar. A file will be e-mailed to you promptly. 

ABC''s of PDCA Guide

Storyboard Template

Public Health Memory Jogger

Public Health QI Handbook

11/17/09 CHAs, CHIPs, and Strategic Plans, Oh My! The Prerequisites for National Accreditation
This webinar has been removed because it is outdated. Please see the webinar from 11/15/12 for more up-to-date information about generating the prerequisites for PHAB accreditation.
SRHD Strategic Plan Executive Summary

Northern Kentucky Independent Health District CHIP

Please contact Pooja Verma at or 202-507-4206 with any questions.