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Model Practices

In the Spotlight

NACCHO will accept applications for the 2015 Model Practices October 1-31, 2014. A sample of the application is posted under "Related Content". If you have any questions concerning the Model Practices program please e-mail and a member of NACCHO membership team will respond.

NACCHO congratulates the 2014 Model Practices. Winners were awarded on July 9 during the Grand Award Ceremony at NACCHO Annual.

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2014 Model Practice Awardees

NACCHO is pleased to honor the 2014 recipients of Model Practice and Promising Practice awards, which will be available in the online, searchable Model Practices database.

From 71 applications, 22 public health programs were selected as "model," and 36 public health programs were selected as "promising." For a list of Model Practice winners, click here

The Model Practices Database
MP Database pic

Since 2003, the NACCHO’s Model Practices honors initiatives—including programs, resources and tools—that demonstrate how local health departments and their community partners can effectively collaborate to address local public health concerns. Ten years and hundreds of practices later, NACCHO introduces several interactive review features to the Model Practices Database.

The Model Practices Database is an online, searchable collection of innovative best practices across public health areas. These practices allow you to benefit from your colleagues'' experiences, to learn what works, get strategies on how to re-implement effective programs with good results, and save time and resources.

The Model Practices Database is a resource to

1. Get an idea: find proven initiatives, programs, resources, administrative practices and tools that address local public health needs

2. Give an idea: submit an application about your innovative program or practice developed to meet a particular public health program or concern.

3. Try an idea: don’t reinvent the wheel, put a practice to the test in your community

4. Evaluate an idea: what did you think? Leaving feedback leads to continuous quality improvement.

5. Reference an idea: when you refer to the Model Practices Database in a speech or a paper, you’re sharing what works in local public health.

Click here for a step-by-step video of the new Model Practices Database review features.

Lunch and Learn Webinars

NACCHO's Lunch and Learn Webinars allow members to connect with Model Practice winners and have a chance to discuss their winning practice. After a presentation about the practice, participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss strategies on replicability and implementation in their community. These innovative and inspiring 45 minute sessions will provide you with practical methods that get results.

For a list of presentations and to register for a webinar, click here.