Technical Assistance

The NACCHO Performance Improvement (PI) team has a wide range of expertise and extensive experience with providing PI related technical assistance (TA) to local health departments (LHDs). NACCHO staff are available to take ad-hoc TA requests via phone or e-mail. *Listed below are examples of common TA requests:

  • Accreditation documentation review – NACCHO staff may serve as an objective third party reviewer of your accreditation documentation. For example, we can provide feedback on strategic plans, community health assessments and improvement plans, QI plans, workforce development plans, or other documentation for the PHAB Standards and Measures.  
  • Expert guidance/consultation –NACCHO staff can provide guidance or advice as you are engaging in PI processes. For example, LHDs may need strategies for gaining partnership buy-in during a community health improvement planning process, completing a QI project, or designing a strategic planning agenda.
  • Peer-to-peer connections – With a multitude of LHD relationships and knowledge of PI activities across the field, our staff are well positioned to facilitate peer-to-peer connections, connecting LHDs working on similar PI goals or challenges.
  • Identifying resources – As LHDs begin to implement PI processes, we can assist in directing you to the most relevant resources based on your needs.

*Note that NACCHO is available to provide free, ad-hoc TA to LHDs that would require approximately 2-3 hours of staff time or less. Please email accreditprep [at] for TA requests and questions. There would be a fee associated with more in-depth TA. NACCHO is also available to provide in-depth, fee based consultation services including in-person trainings and facilitation of performance improvement processes. For more information, please visit